Eric Keller I'm studying to be a composer.

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How can one learn to compose music? By studying what others have done, by digging into the theory, and by experimenting. That's what I do: I study, I learn and I experiment.

I like to create music that is harmonious, that feels naturally good inside and that connects with the inner self. Making that type of music comes easily. It's part of human nature. One just has to listen to what goes on in one's head. I’ve had melodies swirling around my head for as long as I can remember, and I love working them into full melodies.

ComposingI experiment. In a corner of my computer I've built a virtual orchestra, with instruments from around the world. As I go along, I discover new tricks and understand better what is required for creating music on a computer. I hear new effects, which lead to more secrets of composition and sound processing.

My current teacher is Ivo Antognini, a well-known composer who teaches at the Lugano (Switzerland) music conservatory. His lessons are direct and get right to the heart of what I need to learn. A competent instructor cuts right to the chase by finding out what you don't know and what you need to work on.

On this site I've collected some steps of my learning. The site keeps growing.Free Music With every piece of music, I wonder how to make the music even better, given the simple tools at my disposition.

Have a look around. Perhaps you might like something here. All my music is free.



Ivo Antognini, composer: