Lovers on a bench

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It's more than a year later, in spring time. It's one of those rare days with blue skies and hardly any wind. It's a great day to be outside.

Colleen and her new friend are going up the hill to watch the boats go in and out of the harbour. There's a quiet bench with a great view.

Colleen is happy and at the same time apprehensive. She really likes her new friend, but she is not yet sure of where their friendship is going.

She looks at him. He is what some people sometimes call "massive", a great-looking guy full of good cheer. He's not as pretentious as other boys that she's known from school. She's asked him what he'd like to do in life. He's becoming an electrician. He likes to help people out and he enjoys the new technologies.

They sit down on the bench. Boats are plowing their way in and out of the harbour. Slowly the two move closer to each other. Colleen feels her heart go faster. There, he's put his arm around her shoulder. He's looking at her, smiling, but he doesn't say a word. And there it is -- the great moment. The first kiss. It is absolutely wonderful. And once again!

Colleen closes her eyes. The boats keep going in and out of the harbour, but her eyes are no longer on them.


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