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The score of this sonata, originally written for the recorder, probably dates from Vivaldi's early prime -- we note a low RV number, number 52. Echoes from Corelli suggest that Vivaldi employed known elements in this piece. Also he might have been rushed, because the last section of the Aria di Giga remained undeveloped in the extant manuscript.

It remains great music and it grows on us with time.

I was privileged to work on this and to present it again in an updated form. I added some music in the final section in order to round it off. I imagine Vivaldi sitting on a bench in an early Venetian morning sunshine, trying to get the Sonata finished just before breakfast, and leaving it to others to put in some final touches.

This composition is dedicated to my mother's birthday on the 3rd of May.


Flute & harpsichord:

Sheet music:

Image: Pixabay, taken in China