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Sweet Colleen is getting married. Her man is young, strong and full of energy. Colleen is happy, resolute and full of fervour.

The time is busy. Preparations are under way. Guests will be arriving soon. Will everything work out without a hitch?

In all this confusion, her man has an insistent question. It seems very important to him. What will Colleen do? Will she listen, or will she close her mind and put him off till after the wedding?

It seems just like a simple question, but if not handled right, this may be the first serious test of the relationship.

Here is a small composition, written with 6/8 in B major – which we'll admit is a difficult key. The time and key signatures are appropriate to the mood surrounding this sensitive question. They also bring out a bit of the Celtic mood in the tune.

Let's see how the music resolves the issue.


Piano version, standard tuning

Harpsichord version, 432 Hz tuning

Music score
MIDI file









  Image by “Closer to Love Photography”