What happens if you called into a forest – and the echo returned something else?

What if an ancient call came back, reminding us about living in harmony with the elements around us? About listening to others and respecting them? About ignoring fools, but seeking compromises when they are possible?

Three ancient echoes come back to us. Let's listen to what they suggest to us.


What can it be?

At first we are surprised. What can this be? The echo comes back, and yes, it is familiar. You recognize the form. Haven't you heard it before?

And then suddenly, the music stops. What now? The form returns, but it now is different. Similar, yet different -- so strange! Slowly you begin to recognise the new shape. Can you live with it? Can you accept it? Let it become part of you?

Remembering an answer

Here comes the moment of truth. Here the secret is disclosed. A deep and profound joy was already deep in you, and now you can remember it. It is becoming part of you. Yes, what a magical moment this is.

A celebration

Joy is now in you, and you are well with all the people around whom you love and cherish. It is a time to celebrate inside, and a new promise that is in the air.

I used three old Celtic melodies here. Similar basic melodies have been employed since medieval times in various traditional Celtic folk songs.

The first melody is familiar from “The Grenadier and the Lady”, which was later used in various forms of “An Emigrant's Daughter”.

Another traditional tune was used in the second melody, familiar from “She Moved Through The Fair”. I wish to credit this suggestion to Frank Lennon, who maintains an excellent compendium of Celtic tunes at http://www.irishmidifiles.ie/midifiles.htm.

I do not know the origin of the third melody. I furnished a minor accompaniment for this short and happy Irish melody in 2017. Here it finds a more substantial embodiment.

Here is "Calls in the Forest":

"Life calls us to a new awakening. Please note the significant break in the first movement and its soothing recovery in the two other movements."





Image: Pixabay