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Friesach Stadtansicht mediumHere is a short beginning excerpt from “Prelude in E minor” by Dietrich Buxtehude (1635 -1707). It is a particularly pregnant motif of only two minutes and a half when played at 105 bpm. It tends to get rushed over when this composition is generally performed in the public.

I proceeded to add to its original length, I slowed its tempo in order to present its features more clearly, and I provided a number of local accompaniments to the partition. This permits the work to stand on its own, and it shows the composition in its full splendour.

To permit compatibility with standard flutes, this version was transposed to A minor.

The simulation was created using the open-source software GrandOrgue and using a sample-set realised by Piotr Grabowski. This sample set was originally recorded at the Pfarrkirche of the parish of St-Bartholomaus at Friesach, Austria. This recent organ was built by the firm Eisenbarth of Passau, Germany in 2000.

Image: Wikipedia, Friesach city view, Austria, by Johann Jaritz.

"A simple magnificent celebration of the life that was offered by the great master Dietrich Buxtehude"

Sheets: erickeller.ch/media/ek/sheets/EKellerBuxtehude_PreludeInEminor.pdf