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Sunrise is a popular theme. Get up well-rested in the morning, stretch out and welcome the new day!

Is that all? Is it all said and done, just with "stretching out"?

The day may hold much more for you. It may be complex, it may invite some reflection. Where do we start? By which end do we begin? Do we have to rush out right away, or can we reflect a while before ploughing into the day?

Many questions may need sorting out. Some questions may await another time, while some other matters could be solved today.

Our tune understands the complexity of such morning time reflections. At the same time it encourages you in your confidence.

After all: We do what we can, as best as we can. Don't we all?


Étude 2 in C Lydian "Aurora" (Pianoteq)

Video: https://erickeller.ch/index.php/free-music#etude2
Midi: https://erickeller.ch/media/ek/mid/EKeller_Etude2_C_Lydian_Aurora.mid

Sheet music: https://erickeller.ch/media/ek/sheets/EKeller_Etude2_C_Lydian_Aurora.pdf

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