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Did you hear the previous tunes in this love story? We've advanced a step, a big step. Now the lovely girl will be married, really soon, next Sunday.

FlowerCrown2.jpgConvinced that this was the very best thing in the entire world, she went to see Mum and Dad. Dad was proud, but Mum was not totally convinced, at least not at first. Is marriage really the very best for her daughter? Isn't she too young? But what could she do? Whether deep in her heart she approved it or not, she bit her lip and gave them her blessings.

P.W. Joyce recorded a simple tune for this occasion, as he had heard it. Its purity is heartening.

In my own musical arrangement, I went a bit further. I made it into a symbolic dialogue between the daughter and her not-entirely-thrilled mother. At the end, she said "yes and good luck, my dear".

We hear her daughter rejoice. She is relieved and she lets us know. Yes, she is going to be married. Sunday will be her great day.


Original tune:

Sheet music

Arranged by Eric Keller:

Piano version, standard tuning

Harpsichord version, 432 Hz tuning

Sheet music

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