One day, I woke up and I had "Amazing Grace" coursing through my head. I wanted to pick up on that theme, but I also wanted it to be less ponderous, more quizzy and livelier. So I changed the 3/4 signature into a 4/4 signature -- and then dealt with a considerable reshuffling of the melody. Ultimately it became a new composition.

Here is what came out of that project: "Amazing World". It's a reflection about the amazing and confusing world we live in today. Each line goes with a certain passage, see the sheet music.


What's going on in this weird new world?
The more I think about it...
...the weirder it seems.
Let me think about it some more...
Oh well, I guess that's the way it is.
(unusual musical passage)
Oh dear, and what can this be?
Must be another new reality...

Piano version, standard tuning

Harpsichord version, 432 Hz tuning

MIDI file
Sheet music

Image: (free)