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Original compositions and original interpretations are Copyright © Eric Keller.


All materials are free for distribution and are free of any charges or royalties in private listening. Only materials marked as "original composition" or "original interpretation" are subject to Copyright © Eric Keller. A license to perform original compositions or original interpretations publicly requires a license that can be obtained via the Contact page. Except in cases of very large audiences, this license is issued free of charge.

*Original composition" and "original interpretation" terms

In an "original composition", all musical components of the composition are novel. In an "original interpretation", the novel musical contribution significantly outweighs a pre-existing contribution. Such a case may present itself for example in the case of a significantly novel interpretation of a known melody.

Further detail

The music provided here is destined for private commercial-free purposes and is provided free of charge. Material used here and outside of an "original composition" or an "original interpretation" by Eric Keller is beyond legal liabilities (i.e. older than 50 or 70 years, without current rights), or is generally considered to be in the "public domain".

All materials on this site are produced with samples from Ableton Live (https://help.ableton.com/hc/en-us/articles/209768885-Commercial-Use-rights-for-Live-content). To cite Ableton Live, "The Library and Live Pack content that comes with any version of Ableton Live is royalty-free for license holders. All sounds, presets, samples or musical examples contained in the software can be used to create your own original musical compositions, provided that additional material is added, and the respective presets, sound samples and musical examples will be significantly transformed."

In plain terms: In private listening, you are invited to use any piece of music marked "original composition" or "original interpretation" on this site, free of charge and as long and as often as you wish. At the same time, do cite the composer and do not pretend to be the composer yourself.

No commercial messages, no person-identifying tools, nor any tracking software

This site does not contain any commercial messages, nor any person-identifying tools, nor any tracking software on its original sites. These original sites are only these: erickeller.es and erickeller.ch. Please report any attempts of tagging these sites with externally applied markers.