ExpresswayComposing teaches us what music is all about.

It's a language of emotion, joy and reflection. Composing is, as they say, 95% of hard work and 5% inspiration, but in the end, it can pay off when it's done right. When one sees and hears the pieces as they grow, they become a source of immense pleasure. As one composes, one becomes deeply immersed in the music. Every note and every chord counts as one listens again and again to the different segments to make the tune flow as well as one can.

At the same time, there is a hope that many others will resonate along with your tune some day. Here are the tunes of my different composing projects. Please excuse their simplicity, particularly for the first testing of the waters. Everyone has got to start somewhere. 

"Off Travelling". This little tune came to me on the day before a trip through Southern France. Played by the computer using Pianoteq.


Piano version, standard tuning

Harpsichord version, 432 Hz tuning


MIDI file
Sheet music

Image: (free)


"Our job as composers is not to create a masterpiece, but instead, piece together a master."

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