Eric KellerI love classical music and I’ve had melodies swirling around my head for as long as I can remember. But because of a busy life, I’ve never learned an instrument. I even bought a good piano many years ago. Every once in a while I tinkered around on it. Finally I said, enough, either sell it, or settle down and learn to really play it. In fact, really get into music, be serious about it. Full time.

I contacted a wonderful Internet piano teacher by the name of Tracy Rose and I learned to play the piano from scratch. It didn't take much time to discover I had 10 thumbs on my hands. Too bad, but the exercise was worth its while. In the process I've discovered a fantastic new world: how to create music on a computer.

I love experimenting with our new technologies. In a corner of my desktop computer I've built a whole virtual orchestra, with instruments from around the world. I have been amazed at the incredible tools available either free or at affordable prices to the music experimenter. My instruments sound better all the time, as I discover new tricks and understand better what is required for composing on the one hand, and for creating music on a computer on the other. I'm led to discover new effects, and at the same time, I'm induced to study and grasp the basics of composition. It's all learning by discovery.

On these pages I've collected some initial steps of my learning of music. The site grows as I learn. With every piece of music, I wonder how I can make this piece of music as good as possible, given the sundry tools at my disposition: a computer, some software, and above all, a tremendous yearning for something that really moves us inside.

Have a look around. Perhaps you might like something here.



Tracy Rose, piano teacher: