Eric KellerI love classical music and I’ve had melodies swirling around my head for as long as I can remember. But because of a busy life, I’ve never learned an instrument. I even bought a fairly good piano many years ago. I tinkered around on it every once in a while. But mostly it just stood around till I said, enough, either sell it, or settle down and learn to really play the piano.


So in 2015 I contacted a wonderful Internet piano teacher by the name of Tracy Rose and I learned to play the piano from scratch. It didn't take much time to discover I had 10 thumbs on my hands. Or was born with a gross lack of talent. Or was an exceedingly slow learner.


But I'm also stubborn, so I persisted. At this point I've completed one year of classes, at the rhythm of 30 minutes a week. I'm not really thrilled with my progress, but I'm hanging in there.


I've learned to play a number of silly little initial pieces this year, but below you can find the first little piece that I dare show to the public. It's the "Spring" theme by Antonio Vivaldi. I used the Grimaldi harpsichord simulation in Pianoteq. At the moment of the audio recording, I was into my ninth month of piano practice, starting from nothing. The video recording came 2 months later.




Tracy Rose, piano teacher: